The Voice: Semifinal Performances Recap

We’re getting close to the end!  Somebody from the final four of NBC’s The Voice is going home tonight, and then there’s just one more show left!  At this stage of the competition, each of the contestants can make a strong case for advancing to the final episode.  Here’s how we rank the chances for each to advance, in order of likelihood.

Cassadee Pope

Cassadee delivered a fine performance of Keith Urban’s Stupid Boy.  (Is this a case of more of Coach Blake’s country influence at play?)  It is sitting at #1 on iTunes right now, yet another indication that Cassadee has built a strong relationship with her fans.  As an added advantage, Cassadee, the only woman remaining, seemingly will get all of the “female” vote, while the three guys split the “guy” vote.  Chance to advance: 90%.

Terry McDermott

We thought Terry gave his best performance of the entire season with the Beatles’ Let It Be, particularly when he nailed the “Mother Mary comes to me!” line.  The iTunes crowd showed Terry the love, with Let It Be sitting just behind Stupid Boy at #2. We have been critical of Terry in the past, but his fans really turn out for him.  Look for Team Blake to send two to the finals.  Chance to advance: 75%.

Nicholas David

Wow.  What an emotional performance of Joe Cocker’s You Are So Beautiful from Nicholas, standing immediately in front of his teary-eyed wife, two young sons, and his mother–his self-described “biggest fan.”  After Coaches Adam and CeeLo criticized him for not going for the big notes in the last round, Nicholas hit the high, extended “you’re everything to me!” line, earning cheers from the crowd.  You could feel his connection with his family coming through the television screen.  Furthermore, he’s nipping at the heels of the Team Blake duo at #3 on iTunes.  But does Nick’s style play well with enough voters?  It seems like he always just barely makes it through.  Has his luck run out?  Chance to advance 50%.

Trevin Hunte

Leading off the evening, Trevin chose Bette Midler’s Wind Beneath My Wings, a solid song selection he delivered pretty well.  It showcased his abundant vocal talents, but he slipped up on some of the extended vibratos towards the end of the performance.  Did it lack that certain something that would transcend the others?  Perhaps.  It “only” sits at #36 on iTunes, which leads us to believe that Trevin’s fan base is not as strong as the others’.  Chance to advance: 40%.

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