Vocal Range Exercises for a Pure Sound

You have tried to reach those high or low notes on your favorite songs forever and haven’t been able to do it yet. You are sure there has to be a way to make your voice go further. You need vocal range exercises for a pure sound.

This article can help. There are a lot of vocal range exercises to extend your vocal range and reach higher and lower notes. They are always easier to learn when having a live coach explain and demonstrate them to you. We also recommend visiting sites like Singing Success or Singorama to get even more detailed instructions on vocal exercises.

Before starting with your vocal range exercises, make sure you warm up. Warming up can also be taken as the start of your exercises, since it’s absolutely necessary for getting the best results without straining your vocal chords.

You should also work on diaphragm breathing before you start, because it will be basis for your vocal range exercises. This breathing technique helps take the strain off your throat muscles, avoiding injury when trying to reach higher or lower notes. Using this technique, you control your diaphragm to manage the air that comes in and out of your body. To do so, use your “stomach” (it’s not actually the stomach you’ll be using, but that’s what it will look and feel like) for breathing. Let it get bigger when inhaling, and using it to push the air gently when letting the air out.

Find the notes you are comfortable singing on a keyboard and do scale exercises using them.

Once you have done this, you will be ready to start over again, but this time, try to continue further when reaching the higher notes. Be very careful not to strain your chords, if it hurts when doing your scales, something is wrong.

If you are doing the exercise correctly, it shouldn’t hurt to go a few notes higher than you usually do. You will only be able to do this because you have properly warmed up and are using diaphragmatic breathing to control your air. Make sure you do both things. If not, you will just be pushing yourself and risking injuries

Once you’ve gone up, try extending your lower range. Get to the lowest note you did to start your exercise and do the scales this time going down the keyboard. Only working on singing higher notes can make you lose power on the lower ones. Even if you are not that interested on going lower, exercise thes notes too, and you will become a very complete singer.

There is a lot more to learn about vocal range exercises and you can find a lot more on our site. You can also get even more detailed video and written instructions from one of our highly recommended singing programs.

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