Vocal Warm Up Exercises

Vocal warm up exercises are important to becoming more of a singer, and less simply “someone who can sing.”

Your performance will improve significantly once you have done your warm up exercises for this very simple reason: any activity involving muscular effort improves with a good warm up. Think about running, swimming, and weight training. You already know it’s vital to stretch and warm up to avoid hurting your muscles. It is just as important for singing, since it involves your abdominal muscles for moving the air through your vocal chords. Both your abs and your vocal cords need to be warm and ready in order to generate optimum sounds.

When warming up, also take the opportunity to focus your mind on singing, as well as your muscles. A good singer has to be into what he or she wants to share with his or her listeners in order to succeed in it.

Meanwhile, we can start by performing this vocal warm up exercise. There are many techniques used for warming up; but we’ll go for the most common ones:


Hmmm? You might ask. Well, that’s a good start; you are making the exact sound we need. The twist of the exercise, though, is making sure you are positioning your mouth the right way. Your lips should be closed but loose. When humming, try to feel like you are pushing the sound gently from your stomach straight to the inside of your closed mouth. Feel how it pushes making your relaxed lips vibrate.

Lip Rolls

For this exercise, you should imagine you are making bubbles under the water with your mouth, or maybe imitating an angry bull! Make sure you are relaxed; if your lips aren’t, you wont be able to do the lip rolls. Push the air up with your diaphragm let your lips move freely doing a “brbrbrbr” sound as if you were blowing bubbles underwater.

Scale Singing

Scale singing in vocal warm up exercises consists of going through different notes in a relatively easy range of notes, and then expanding that range as you get warmed up. In another article, we discuss some more techniques for expanding your range. This is an area where a vocal coach can really help provide expert guidance. If a vocal coach is outside your budget, check out our expert guide to online singing programs to determine which is best for you.

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