Top 8 Ways to Improve Your Singing Voice

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Here are our Top 8 suggestions for ways to improve your singing voice:

  1. Always sing, always practice, and always investigate how to get better – No matter how good a singer you have become, the more you practice and the more you learn new things, the better you will get. At Singing Success, for example, you’ll find an enormous number of new things to learn and possibilities to keep singing better every day.
  2. Check your posture – You might be wondering what the way you stand might have to do with your singing voice. The answer is: EVERYTHING. You cannot sing properly with your back arched, your chin pointing down, your hips pointing forward, or your shoulders tight. Why? Because you won’t be able to breathe well or project your voice properly. Make sure you are standing straight, with your body relaxed, your knees and shoulders loose. This will make more of a difference than you can imagine.
  3. Warm up before singing – This way you’ll make sure your muscles are ready to work, and your vocal chords are stretched and ready for action. Warm up is very important. We have some more info on how to warm up before singing.
  4. Use your belly for managing air – This is called “diaphragmatic breathing.” Training your diaphragm is absolutely essential for giving your best when singing. It will avoid the wrong usage of your throat (which shouldn’t do any muscular work when singing) and help you manage the volume and endurance of what you’re singing.
  5. Learn about the singing instrument (your body) – Knowing what you are working with will make a huge difference on how you take advantage of your instrument. Singing uses a lot more parts of the body than one would imagine, from your diaphragm to “resonators,” cavities through which sound bounces or emerges.
  6. Open your mouth – Sound is generated when air makes your vocal chords vibrate, but it then has to come out. If you don’t open your mouth enough for singing, not only will your singing voice lose richness and resonance, but your lyrics will be harder to understand and your singing less interesting.
  7. Project your voice – Another point on letting the sound come out and reach further. Imagine you want your voice to hit the wall on the other end of the room you are in. Help it try to do so by pushing the air with your diaphragm and opening your mouth while letting the sound caress your palate and come out straight and forward.
  8. Feel the music, feel the lyrics – When singing, make sure you understand what the lyrics are truly saying and how the music makes you feel. Find the place where the song takes you and then find the way to take whoever is listening to that same place. That will be the moment when you really will have found out How to improve your singing. You’ll be surprised by the strength of this moment!

A personal vocal coach is probably the most effective way to learn how to improve your singing voice, but also the most expensive. Why pay all that money for expensive vocal lessons when you can be using a singing program that can be accessed 24×7? One such program, Singing Success, helps some of the top male and female singers around the world to scale (pardon the pun!) new heights with their singing. Try it today if you’re serious about getting the most from your voice.

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