How Eating Affects Your Singing

eating affects singing
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Did you know that when and what you eat can affect your singing performance? Proper nutrition plays an important role by affecting our energy levels, alertness and overall health on a daily basis. This applies to singing performance as well. Certain foods and drinks can hinder your act, while others can help it. As a singer you will want to learn about everything possible that will help you sing your best. We have some great tips on ways to improve your vocal performance by making careful choices about what and when you eat. You should use these tips before a performance or as part of your singing exercises routine.

Food Don’ts

On the day of your performance, avoid foods that cause negative side affects. Some of these include dairy products such as ice cream, milk and cheese. Dairy causes your body to increase mucous production, which may result in a lot of throat clearing and throat irritation. Other items that you should steer clear of in an effort to take care of your vocals include coffee, spicy foods, and citrus fruits–all of which can make your throat dry and scratchy. Don’t consume carbonated drinks. The carbonation will increase the production of air in your stomach which can make you burp while singing. How embarrassing! Stay away from icy cold drinks and foods before you perform as these products will make your throat compress. Be sure to also steer clear of large amounts of alcoholic beverages and junk food.

Food Do’s

Even though there are many items that can wreak havoc on your singing performance, there are still a variety of safe choices that you can enjoy. For starters enjoy a nice cup of hot tea or a delicious piece of hard candy. These choices can soothe and moisten your throat, which is very beneficial to your vocal chords. A few healthy food choices would include fish, vegetables, fruits, rice, meat and clear liquids. These items provide essential nutrients and are very satisfying. When you really pay attention to the things you eat prior to your singing performance, it will have a huge impact on how much better you will do!

When To Eat

Avoid eating within the hour prior to your singing performance. This is due to the fact that immediately after eating, the natural digestion process begins and this could bring about the need to clear the throat more often. As already mentioned this is irritating to the throat. It is best to eat a small, well balanced meal a couple of hours before you go on stage. Doing so provides your body with essential nutrients so you can sing better. It also allows your body ample time to begin the digestion process without interfering with your performance. If you fill your stomach too much or too close to performance time, it will prohibit your from using your diaphragm to its fullest capacity, making it difficult to take a deep breath when necessary.

When you focus on the items you consume, you’ll experience positive results in your singing performance. Make good healthy choices and give your audience your very best!

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