How to Sing from the Heart

sing from the heart
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License  by  Laura Blume

A lot of people find singing to be very uplifting. You may feel the same way if you enjoy singing. When the singing totally engrosses the singer into an almost meditative state, however, it is more than merely uplifting. Many successful singers experience this “in the zone” feeling and it is especially true for singers who truly sing from the heart. Here are a few methods that will help you experience this phenomenal feeling. They require practice to acquire and maintain an important skill.

These methods are to help you learn focus. Focus on a specific issue or feeling. Essentially, just be in the moment, and don’t allow your mind to take a detour by wandering during your recital or concert performance.

Alone Time

It is most helpful to find some “alone time” before a performance. About 15 minutes should be enough. You should remain silent, meditating, and taking deep breaths. Concentrate on your breathing. Try to push all other thoughts out of your mind. Focus your thoughts and energy on the performance. Visualizations should be put to good use for the remainder of your quiet time. This could include “painting a picture in your mind” of how you really want to sound up on stage–what is it the audience will experience? Use all your senses: “hear” the applause of your audience and “feel” the music. Completely focus from within; don’t focus on what sounds you hear from the outside. You will become more relaxed and centered before you perform, allowing you to sing better.

Feel Your Heart

By placing your hand over your heart, you can physically feel the vibrations from your chest as you sing. This will help you engage a more heartfelt singing experience.

Sing in a Group

Another method to sing soulfully is when singing with a group, a choir or some other type of group. The sound of the entire group as one should be your focus. Multiple voices melding as one helps you to hear the unity and you should experience an uplifting, soulful experience.

Practice these techniques on a daily basis along with your other singing methods so they become second nature to you. Once you’ve come up with a system that suits you, singing from the heart will come naturally to you and your audience will want to listen.

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