5 Tips on Singing Like a Pro

singing like a pro
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  Tobyotter

For many of us, singing is one of the most beautiful things human beings can do, an amazing gift. There’s always a chance to improve and, if you love to sing, it’s always worth taking some extra time to learn how to sing better. This is why we give you these 5 Tips on Singing Like a Pro .

  1. Relax – If you think of it, your body is the instrument singing requires. If your body is tense, there is no way you can take advantage of the design of the instrument. You will find it harder to breathe deeply, place your notes, and even relate to the audience. So above all… try to relax your body so that it will give you all you need.
  2. Warm up – This also relates to the fact that your body is your instrument. If you don’t stretch before running, you know there’s a lot less you can expect of your performance, and you also know you’re exposing yourself to muscle pulls and cramps. It’s the same thing for singing, so if you want to sound like a pro… warm up!
  3. Use diaphragmatic breathing – This breathing technique will fill you up with air and give you absolute control of letting it out. Being able to control the air in your body allows you to focus on giving an amazing performance, instead of worrying about whether you’ll reach those high notes or if you’ll be able to make them last as long as you want to. Diaphragmatic breathing teaches your body to take the strength needed for singing off your vocal chords, avoiding injuries and fatigue.
  4. Feel it and share it – The greatest secret for singing like a pro is understanding what you’re singing. When you are really into it, you can really share how the song makes you feel with the audience. This will create a beautiful connection between you, the music, and the audience. When this happens, it’s an unforgettable moment occur. Without a doubt, you’ll feel like you’re singing like a pro .
  5. Practice, practice, practice – No matter how good your singing becomes, it is like anything else: “Practice makes perfect.” If doctors keep studying after years of doing operations, so too should you after years of singing. Regarding music more generally, the secret to being good at playing any instrument is practice, and singing is no exception. The more you sing at home or in front of audiences, and the more you do your exercises, the better you will get every day. Taking singing lessons is always the best way to improve, which takes us to our extra tip…

Extra tip: Visit Singorama

Singorama focuses on helping you take it to the next level, from amateur to professional. It’s a full 28 lessons, so it won’t necessarily be easy. But, then again, nothing worthwhile ever is. The only thing easy here is paying for it: it’s just $99! For 28 lessons! It’s a bargain at twice the price. Furthermore, with a 60-day money-back guarantee, there is zero risk if it doesn’t work for you. We recommend giving it a shot.

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