Tips & Techniques for Performing Onstage

The time has come. You are singing in front of an audience! This might sound scary if it’s your first time or you have struggled with it in the past. Whether you are new to the stage or you have had a bad experience, here are the necessary “must-know” singing performance tips and techniques that will help you be certain that you will give an amazing performance and your audience will love you when you go onstage.

Prepare and practice as much as possible before going onstage

When going onstage, your focus should be on your performance, and not blurred by other things you could have taken care of beforehand. The stage is not the place for wondering what the lyrics to the song are, or whether you remember the melody correctly. Being on stage should be all about sharing your music with the audience and, most of all, enjoying the moment so your audience can enjoy it too. When onstage, you just want to flow, feel the music, and share it!

Get to the stage warmed up and relaxed

If you are going to perform soon, you probably know about the importance of warming up and relaxing before any type of singing, even exercises. Of course this gains even more importance when performing live, since knowing your body is ready for the task will let you focus on the task at hand. You won’t wonder if you will be able to reach the high notes or if people can understand what you sing trough quenched teeth. If you don’t know how to warm up and relax before singing yet, make sure you visit our warm up articles or Singing Success and find all the guidance you need for doing so.

Feel it, share it

You know your songs, you know what they are about, and you are relaxed and warmed up. Stand up straight and confident, letting your audience focus on your great singing and not on your stress. You are ready! To be sure your performance will be remembered, focus on what your songs are all about and what they make you feel and share it with your audience. This is an experience either nobody in the room will forget. Leave them wanting even more.

Project your voice

Make sure you keep your chin up and try to send your voice as far as you can when singing so that you really share everything and no lyrics get wasted on the floor if you are looking at it.

Establish eye contact

Try to make as much eye contact as you can with members of the audience. Remember, it’s all about sharing the moment. Eye contact can help you share it in a very personal way.

We hope you found this article useful. Remember, though, this is only a very quick glimpse to all there is to know. The only way truly to prepare for a singing performance is get out there and perform. To get ready, make sure you visit Singorama and you’ll find everything you need to know to help you become the amazing singer you know you can be!

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