Alexander Singing Technique

Alexander Singing Technique
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The Alexander Singing Technique is a way to use your body awareness and alignment to enhance your singing. After all, in singing, your body is your only musical instrument! If you are playing a broken guitar, how can you show what a good guitarist you are?

Singing puts a surprising amount of stress on the head, neck, and back. As a result, many experienced singers incur injuries, develop bad habits, or have traumatic experiences that block them from singing properly or enjoying it the way they used to.

This same thing can happen to newcomers, since sometimes what prevents us from singing properly doesn’t necessarily have to do with singing itself, but with many types of bad habits and experiences that build up through our lives.

The Alexander Singing Technique helps increase your focus on how you are using your body and how you should use it to avoid unnecessary tension.

The goal with this technique is a balance between your back, head and neck. From there, you can balance your whole body. It will completely change the way you sing, giving you harmony when doing so and helping you enjoy the moment so much more.

Alexander Singing Technique lessons are based on verbal directions to get your feedback, and coaches use touch a lot for communicating what you should do.

Upon trying this method, not only will you be amazed by how much of a better singer you become, but also how your whole lifestyle can change. You will notice an improvement in all activities that involve your body, feeling more loose and limber. Learning how to sing better can help your whole life.

To get help with the Alexander Singing Technique, we recommend hiring a vocal coach who can physically work with you and help adjust your alignment. Of course the Alexander Singing Technique isn’t the only way to get powerful and everlasting results. Other successful singing techniques are taught by the likes of Brett Manning and Singorama. Have a look at their programs for guided instructions on how to improve your singing and performances.

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