How to Support Notes to the End

How to Support Notes to the End
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  Tobyotter

You are ready to sing you favorite song! It goes “I love you baby, I love your hair, I love your voice I love your zfftrt….” What did you just say????!!! Nobody knows! This will probably get you more slapping than romance! That’s what happens when you don’t know how to support the notes to the end. The whole idea gets absolutely lost and your singing fizzles away instead of leaving the amazing impression it seemed it would when it started.

Don’t worry: it’s not just you. This happens more often than one would think!

Supporting notes is absolutely essential, and it’s really easy to do once you understand how.

Distraction and running out of breath are the main issues that will stop you from supporting notes. A focused mental preparation is the key to eliminating distraction and staying in the present moment.

Since your voice is produced when the air you let out makes your vocal cords vibrate, a great part of the support needed for singing is in making sure you are breathing properly. Singers usually use diaphragmatic breathing for singing and for their life in general, once they know how to handle it and understand its benefits. To breathe this way, you must train your diaphragm to control how much air it sends to your vocal chords. If your body knows how to control the air coming in and out, you will be much closer to learning how to support notes to the end, since you will be able to let the right amount of air go and keep the amount necessary to finish your phrases with no breath shortage.

Considering its importance to overall singing proficiency, any vocal coach will place a lot of emphasis on diaphragmatic breathing. If a vocal coach is outside your budget, check out our expert guide to online singing programs to determine which is best for you.

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