How to Sing Vibrato

Are you one of those people who get absolutely amazed when hearing your favorite artist performing a good vibrato? Wish you could do it too? It is actually not that hard and after reading this article you will have a much better idea of what vibrato is all about and a first approach to how to sing vibrato.

Since vibrato is a pitch variation in your voice, you should be careful to use it the right way. Failure to do so may cause you to end up singing off-key or become quite annoying.

It’s good to practice normal singing before starting working on your vibrato. Once you notice you are handling your voice correctly for normal singing you’ll find vibrato a lot easier.

Let’s get now to a small demonstration on how it feels to sing with vibrato in order to understand how to sing vibrato.

  • Place your hand on the upper part of your abdominal area. More precisely, right under your ribs and over your belly button. With your hand on that middle spot, go to the next step.
  • Sing any note you want to, one that comes out easy for you.
  • Pump! Using the hand you have placed right under your ribs, pump the area while singing your chosen note.
  • It’s all about rhythm. When you notice the effect this has, you will realize how to perform this “demonstration” right away. Pumping will make your voice vibrate, the faster you pump, the faster it will. Use the rhythm that matches your favorite singer’s vibrato, and pay close attention to how it feels.

You sang with vibrato!

Clearly, pumping on your belly with your hand while singing is not what you are ultimately going for. But now that you know how your voice works when singing with vibrato you are ready to understand and appreciate this technique. Mastering vibrato will take more and more specific lessons to really master. You can find these lessons on our highly recommended list of singing programs, like Singing Success or Singorama.

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