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Sing & See
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Publisher CantOvation, Ltd.
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Price $49 (USD) for Student Edition, $99 for Professional + S&H
Cost/Lesson n/a
Introductory Rate n/a
Format Software download or CD
Ear Training
Lesson Length n/a
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Included Software Windows or OSX (Intel only) compatible
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Sing & See Review

Sing & See is a computer software product that helps you see visual feedback of your voice in real time, using your computer’s microphone. It is able to detect the frequency of the sounds waves picked up by your computer’s microphone and display them in a visual spectrogram on the screen. There is no other tool like it for viewing your pitch, vocal strength, timbre, transitions, etc. With even just one session you can see very quickly what you need to work on. This makes it ideal as both a training and teaching aid. As such, CantOvation markets two version of this software. The more affordable student edition for singers ($49 USD), and the premium professional edition for vocal coaches ($99). There is also a Teacher’s Pack available for $169 that includes the workbook, “Singing Pedagogy in the Digital Age.”

Let’s start by taking a look at the layout of the screen to point out a few features. First, you’ll notice the piano keyboard at the top allowing you to use the mouse to create a note, or to see the note you’re singing in red. On the left, you see the musical note being sung on a scale and written out. The middle area shows the real time frequency of the sound your voice is making. And the bar on the right is the level meter to indicate how loud your voice is.

I take a couple of things away from seeing my scales on the screen. First, my transitions from note to note are not very smooth, as indicated by the spikes on the graph. Second, my stability at the high end of the scale is shaky, as shown by the increasing wave on the graph. My higher notes need work. And lastly, at the high end of the scale, I am straining on volume as I struggle to control my air, indicating that I would benefit from more breathing exercises and practice.

Try Sing and See for yourself, or your students, and leverage the power of your computer to help you improve your singing voice.

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