Singing Success Full Program Details

Singing Success Full Program
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Publisher Brett Manning
Rating (0-5)
Price $199.95 (USD) + S&H
Cost/Lesson $9.41
Introductory Rate n/a
Guarantee 6 months, full money back
Format Download or CDs
Ear Training
Lesson Length 30 seconds to 10 minutes
Total Lessons 327 lessons in 17 sessions
Included Software n/a
Private Q&A
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Singing Success Review

Brett Manning’s Singing Success coaching program takes singers of any skill level through a comprehensive vocal training program.  This program cuts out the need for expensive personal singing lessons. It is one of the most successful programs available, with lots of top quality stars endorsing the product.

Here are just a few testimonials from Singing Success customers:

This makes your songs so easy! Brett warms me up and I think, “that was never hard!” – Taylor Swift (Grammy-nominated Pop-Country Superstar)

Singing Success has given me the keys to get the most out of my voice! – Mark Kibble (Member of Take6 and 10-time Grammy Award winner)

What you get for your money

The coaching program can be purchased as either a collection of CDs, with a detailed workbook and DVD, or as a downloadable version if you wish to get started immediately.

The Home delivered version includes:

  • 12 Audio CDs
  • A detailed workbook
  • Studio training DVD

The download version includes all the above which can be downloaded to your computer in a matter of minutes (depending on your Internet connection speed), which means you can start your coaching immediately.

Cost & Payment Options

  • Option 1 – One payment of $199.95
  • Option 2 – Two payments of $99 (plus $4 service fees)
  • Option 3 – Four payments of $49.75 (plus $4 service fees)
  • Option 4 – Seven payments of $28.43 (plus $4 service fees)


An unbelievable 6-month money back guarantee, no questions asked, if you are not completely satisfied with your results.

Singing Success Review Details

First things first: at $199 this is one of the most expensive singing training courses available. But with good reason: it is a quality product that delivers both fast and long lasting results. You really do get what you pay for.

If you are truly committed to improving your singing capability and taking your singing to the next level then Singing Success is by far the most comprehensive course that delivers proven results from singers of all levels.  You will start to see results quickly, but to complete the course will take some time because of the breadth of material.  Moreover, the course materials serve as a reference as you continue to practice and train your vocal technique.

Singing Success is based on the Speech Level Singing (SLS) method, which was originally devised by legendary Hollywood singing coach Seth Riggs. SLS teaches singers how to use less vocal energy when they are singing, effectively enabling the singer to use his or her “head voice,” which in turn cuts down on the wear and tear on the voice.

Some of the best known practitioners of the SLS method include Riggs’ students Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Barbra Streisand, Michael Bolton, Bette Midler and many more.

Despite its widespread adoption among professional singers, many amateurs are uncomfortable with the SLS method, pointing out a number of weaknesses. This is where Nashville’s Brett Manning has improved things. He has taken all the strong points of SLS and added his own techniques to help make it even better. In fact after following the detailed course you can gain up to one octave on your range, enabling you to sing almost any kind of music: pop, jazz, blues, opera, and other genres.

Although the detailed workbook is only 20 pages long, it is full of solid help and advice. The problem with the books that accompany some other courses is that they are just fluff and filler and contain no real “new” information. However, this one details simple principles that are not one commonly known but still produce great results. The book also explains other aspects of singing such as breathing technique, correct vowel patterns, and much more.

The Studio Training DVD contains an interview with the great man himself, Brett Manning. In the interview Brett talks about his technique and also provides some exceptional examples of students who have successfully used the program. Some of the singers on the DVD would put any Idol finalist to shame. The main take-away from the interview is Brett’s emphasis on helping those who buy the course to reach their full potential in as short a time as possible. A lot of people are tired of having to pay out for long term singing lessons, where it only looks like the singing coach is benefitting, rather than you. With Singing Success, once you pay for the course you then become your own singing coach and you won’t have to pay for any more singing lessons.

The main Singing Success program consists of 12 audio CDs:

  • On the first two CDs, Brett goes through vocal terminology and the main techniques of the program. He also covers the main difficulties associated with singing, which include the increase in vocal power, developing vibrato, and fixing the vocal break.
  • On CDs 3 through 8, the main focus is on the instruction required to improve your vocal technique. This is done through a series of detailed exercises which help to develop previously untrained muscles. These exercises will help to improve your range, tone, power and vibrato. One of the great things about the CDs is that each one builds upon the previous one, helping you develop a powerful singing voice in easy stages.
  • CDs 9 through 11 cover areas of vocal training such as style and vocal licks. The licks include those for gospel, blues, pop, R&B, and country. They go so far as to help you bend notes and sing triplet notes.
  • Finally, the 12th CD in the set provides you with two original songs that enable you to practice the techniques you learn with Singing Success.


Based on sound vocal training principles, the concepts and training illustrated by Brett Manning are second to none. You only have to see his long list of award-Winning students to see the results of Singing Success:

Reviewers we consulted found that the techniques did get them close to improving by a full octave, although not everyone is able to achieve this result. It was also deemed to be the most comprehensive of all the programs tested, which also goes some ways to explaining why it costs $199.

Yes, $199.95 is expensive to most of us. Don’t let the cost put you off, though. If your budget can’t stretch to $199.95 as a one-off payment then you also have the option of up to SEVEN easy payments. Also bear in mind that a 1 hour coaching session with Brett, where he uses exactly the same techniques as outlined on the 12 CDs, costs $300, making the $199.95 a real bargain.

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