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Singing Success TV
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Publisher Brett Manning
Rating (0-5)
Price $19.95/month (USD) recently reduced! + S&H
Cost/Lesson n/a
Introductory Rate Free, with limited access
Guarantee Cancel anytime
Format Online forum
Ear Training
Lesson Length 1 minute to 56 minutes
Total Lessons Almost 500 videos
Included Software n/a
Private Q&A
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Singing Success TV Review

Singing Success TV is an interactive version of Brett Manning’s Singing Success, the best-selling vocal training course on the market. Why is interactivity important? Because you can ask the coaches questions, solicit feedback from your peers, and learn from the successes and failures of vocal students like yourself.

Your homepage is your “station.” A station is where you can set up who you are watching, and where other people can watch you so they can find out what forums you’re posting on, what videos you have commented on, and your general activity. You can essentially broadcast yourself to the rest of the Singing Success network.

Two big parts of the site are videos and forums. So, let’s take a look at videos. This is really the meat of it and the piece that you’re really paying for. When you come in to videos, the latest video automatically comes up.

The folks at Singing Success, Brett and his team, are adding new content just about every week. There are hundreds of videos, almost 500 videos going back to 2008. Some of them are as short as 56 seconds, but the longest one is 56 minutes, and many of them are towards the long end of the spectrum. There’s some really good, meaty content that you can sink your teeth into and go at your own pace.

In the forums, videos is but one topic. And there are comments related to all of the videos. But what turns out to be more common  in the Singing Success forums is comments around other topics. There’s the general discussion area, when people, members of Singing Success will just post whatever question they have. Another common forum topic is to is to embed some videos and say, “Hey, what do you think about this singer?” It’s very easy to embed the videos when you’re creating a new forum topic, and it is a great way to stimulate a conversation and get people talking about singing, and specifically vocal training.  There’s also a forum related to showing off. So you can post your own videos and solicit feedback, another great way to use Singing Success TV.

There are over 5,000 topics and 11,000 posts, so these are pretty well-trafficked forums. Whatever question you’d ask, there’s, there’s enough activity going on where you would probably get a response relativity quickly.

The other sections of this site include the coaches tab. You can actually book a lesson with each of the vocal coaches in Brett’s studio. Obviously the pricing for that is substantially higher than the cost of the online or download products, but that is an option for you.

On the upgrade tab, the basic level subscription is free, giving you access to all the forums and your ability to create your own station, as we discussed above. But what you don’t get is the access to the videos. Brett and his team are definitely trying to stimulate the growth of the community through free access, but to get the real meaty content of the videos, the lessons on the videos, you need to pay for it one way or another.  The monthly subscription is $34.95 $19.95 (USD), or a one year, unlimited account is $199.95 $139.95 (both recently reduced!). The difference between the two plans is that you can download up to five full lessons of your choice each month with the monthly account, but with the unlimited account, you can download unlimited video lessons.

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