Singorama Details

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Publisher Emily Mander
Rating (0-5)
Price $99.95 (USD) + S&H
Cost/Lesson $3.57 (USD)
Introductory Rate $1 for the first 7 days
Guarantee 60 days, full money back
Format Download
Ear Training
Lesson Length 7-28 minutes
Total Lessons 28 audio lessons, 5 warmup exercises
Included Software Mini Recording Studio and Perfect Your Pitch Pro, Mac- and PC-compatible
Private Q&A
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Singorama Review

Singorama is an affordable–but still high quality–voice training program that can help you sing with a full vocal range, and hit notes with professional perfection, in just a few months. Still interested? Read on and find out more about Singorama, including our detailed review of the program.

What you get for your money

The Singorama program consists of a core set of 28 audio lessons which are delivered in a digital download format. Along with the main course you also get software and a great set of bonus materials.

  • 28 interactive audio lessons
  • 2 software packages: Mini Recording Studio & Perfect Your Pitch Pro
  • Singorama Workbook (154-page PDF)
  • How to Read Music (99-page PDF)
  • 4 bonus audios, which cover Vocal Warmups, Vocal Strengthening, Range Extension Exercises & Interval Training for Singers


A 2-month money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your results.

Detailed Review

This program is suitable for beginner and intermediate singers.

One the main things to like about Singorama is that you can jump straight to the audio which you feel you need to work on most. For example if you are a more advanced singer and you need help with singing different genres of music then you can listen to Audios 14 and 22. Meanwhile, those who want to learn from the ground up then can start from Audio 1.

As a whole, the audios contain pretty much everything you need to learn about the art of singing. They even have useful help on things like overcoming stage fright and anxiety when just about to perform in front of a live audience.

Here is a breakdown of the elements covered on the audios:

  • Voice warm up and strengthening exercises
  • Breathing and Posture
  • Tone, Pitch and staying in tune
  • Chest voice and Head voice
  • Bad habits to avoid
  • Extending your vocal range
  • Time signatures, key signatures and rhythm
  • Intervals and Solfege (Major and minor keys)
  • Different styles of singing
  • How to Become Sensational At Singing Harmony
  • How to Sing Better in Different Genres of Music
  • Understanding the meaning of a song – Part 1 lyrics and overall tone
  • Understanding the meaning of a song (Part 2): emotions conveyed through music and how to put your personality into a song
  • Making a song your own
  • Learning a song
  • Extending your vocal range
  • Performance Tips
  • How to sing with a band
  • Performance anxiety

One of the things we loved about Singorama is that it covers a whole range of aspects relating to singing. For example it doesn’t just cover all the basics like warm up exercises, etc.  It also covers things like understanding the music and how to get the best performance from yourself on stage.

Although beginners will learn a great deal from Singorama on how to get your voice to deliver its full potential, we believe that more advanced intermediate singers will benefit even more from Singorama as it covers so much about performance. And this is where Singorama differs greatly from a course like Singing Success, which concentrates more on voice improvement and range rather than on performamce.

The course also includes two software packages which we found to be extremely helpful when trying to get some feedback after trying out some of the exercises.

  • Mini Recording Studio allows you to record your voice. It helps you stay on pitch by using a virtual piano and you can sing along to pre-recorded scales. Mini Recording Studio is really great if in the past you have been relying on an old tape recorder to keep a record of our voice. With the software you can record your voice, and save it on your PC. And then over time as you carry out more exercises you can then record your voice again, and then immediately hear the improvements over the previous recordings.
  • Perfect Your Pitch is a very powerful computer game designed to train your ear to recognize all 36 notes on the chromatic scale (across the 3 center octaves). The difficulty level ranges from easy to hard.


At $99.95, Singorama delivers great value for the price and, as a result, is the best course under $100 since it covers a lot of aspects related to singing which are not detailed in other, more expensive singing courses. If you are planning to do more than just singing in the shower–e.g. Karaoke or some club singing–then Singorama will not just help you with some great vocal exercises but it will also help you get your voice and vocal performance ability close to a professional level.

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