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Vocal Release
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Publisher Eric Frey
Rating (0-5)
Price $97.00 (USD) + S&H
Cost/Lesson $0.70
Introductory Rate n/a
Guarantee 60 days, full money back
Format Download or CDs
Ear Training
Lesson Length 1-5 minutes
Total Lessons 139
Included Software n/a
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Vocal Release Review

The Vocal Release technique widens your vocal range and can be applied to any style of music. According to the author of this course, Eric Frey, there are only three ways to sing or, as he says, “three attacks.” An “attack” is what a singer physically does and thinks on the onset of any note. Only one of them is the best and always produces the best sounding voice in any singer. The three attacks are:

  • Diaphragmatic
  • Glottal
  • The Attack Of The Mask –> Per Eric, this third one is the best way to sing.

What you get for your money

The Vocal Release program consists of a very detailed vocal instruction manual and 7 instructional CDs.

The home-delivered version includes:

  • The Vocal Release Singing Instruction Manual: How To Sing With Ease, Power, And Range – This 347-page guide is packed with exact vocal instructions and insights that are easy to understand and do not require any prior knowledge of singing or music.
  • The 8-week Fast Track Vocal Mastery 7 Disc Set

The download version includes all the above which can be downloaded to your computer in a matter of minutes which means you can get on with your voice coaching immediately.


A 60-day money back guarantee.

Detailed Review

This course is not suitable for total beginners as it goes into detail on vocal techniques. The manual does not have detailed diagrams along with the exercise explanations, making itdifficult for inexperienced singers to visualize how the exercises should be correctly performed. We suspect that even advanced singers may also experience similar problems, but if you can live without the pictures then it’s not such an issue.

The seven CDs should be followed in sequence:

  1. On the first CD, you’ll get advice on diagnosing your voice and how to relieve tension so that you can get ready for the next stages and for better singing performances.
  2. On the 2nd CD, you will go through more detailed exercises on relieving tension in your voice and then preparing your voice for training with the correct technique.
  3. The 3rd CD will help you break any bad vocal habits you have already built up. This will be necessary whether you are a beginner, and even more importantly, if you are a more advanced singer.
  4. The 4th CD it takes you through how to to create, focus and control resonance with a relaxed vocal production.
  5. The 5th CD takes you through a vocal practice routine that encompasses discs 1-4, but without using scales. Disc 5 helps you find your own unique vocal tone and develop your own style. This is a routine you can use to supercharge your voice before a performance or work on your voice at any time without the need for a CD player. This is a very specialized cycle developed so that it will improve every part of your voice when learning how to sing better.
  6. On CD 6 are additional bonuses, including “The Professional Song Writing Guide,” which sells for $69.95 on it’s own. It details how to write your own songs. The best part is that it is written from a singer/lyricist’s perspective. You can write hit songs without knowing anything about music theory. It shows you how to write a song using only lyrics and singing. Also included as a bonus is the Rhyming Dictionary. Any time you write a lyric and happen to be stumped for just the right word to fit a rhyme, you can use it to find a word that rhymes with just about anything.
  7. On CD 7 you get all of the scales so you can use them to tailor your own personal vocal workout. Along with all the detailed explanations on how to gradually build up your voice over the course of the eight weeks the course also gives you a good grounding on the real-life aspects of professional singing. For example it covers things like proper use of microphones; what to do if it doesn’t sound right; and how to deal with things like stage fright.

The final performance elements are very important as there is no point in spending all your time developing and improving your voice when you can’t then perform to your best because of external factors you had not taken into account.


Vocal Release represents another alternative to Singing Success, and is more affordable at $97 (USD). Eric Frey is an experienced teacher, but the course is held back by the presentation of the material.  The 347-page guide could be more concise, better organized, and easier to understand.  Although it is highly detailed in places and some beginners may need some additional help in working out the exercises, the proven results may be worth the effort. Reviewers found that the course, which is meant to be done over an 8-week period, did provide some of the best results compared with other vocal training courses.  In short, it’s full of good information and can product results, but that is lost on all but the most determined students.

If you can get through the materials, because of the detail included in this course we believe that you will learn as much about how to use your voice as any seasoned professional singer. You’ll be able to train your voice whatever way you want and deal with common voice problems as they arise, without having to pay really expensive voice coaching fees.

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